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Intensive Behavioral Intervention

We often provide services to families for years at a time. Consequently, our client turnover is very slow. Because of our slow turnover, we do not maintain a waiting list. We can occasionally serve a new child. Our ability to serve a new child depends primarily on whether we have a supervisor in the child's area. If a parent is interested in obtaining our services, an intake packet should be completed and returned to Behavioral Dimensions. We will call if an opening occurs, and a supervisor becomes available in your area.


Insurance and Payment Options

The following coverage options are currently available:

MN Medical Assistance (MA/Tefra)

Contact your county Human Services department

Private Pay

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Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Our agency provides an intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) program, a specialized treatment for children with autism using applied behavior analysis (ABA) in Minnesota.  This treatment for autism is designed to remediate the language, social, and behavioral difficulties displayed by children with autism. 

The core of our ABA autism treatment is a specialized curriculum designed to teach young children with autism to understand and use language and social skills.  Using discrete trial training (DTT) and systematic generalization strategies our staff work individually with each child carefully teaching critical skills necessary to understand and interact with their families, peers, and others. 

Currently, we are serving children ages 5-years-old and younger. If you feel you are in a crisis situation please call our office at 952-814-0207. If you have an older child in need of services, one of our other programs may be more appropriate for you. The information is available here Behavioral Consulting, Family-Centered Behavioral Intervention.


ABA research has shown that children with autism who receive intensive  behavioral treatment  25-40 hours a week may make significant progress. With this level of intensive behavioral intervention, some children may progress to the point that they no longer qualify for the diagnosis of autism. Our services have enabled many  children to enter regular elementary school with no additional supports. Behavioral Dimensions is committed to producing this level of outcome with all our children. Consequently, we require our children to receive a minimum of 35 hours per week of direct service during optimal learning times. Service hours are provided by a team of Behavioral Dimensions' staff. Clinical monitoring and supervision are regularly provided to ensure that the child consistently receives a quality program and all services are provided in the child's home with a caregiver present. Behavioral Dimensions provides visits from a licensed psychologist and up to 10 hours per week from on-site supervisors.


To inquire about services for your child, download the intake packet and fax or

e-mail it to us.