Referral Policy:


Behavioral Consulting

For referrals, please download the intake packet and return it to Behavioral Dimensions.


Family-Centered Behavioral Intervention

For referrals, please download the intake packet and return it to Behavioral Dimensions.


Intensive Behavioral Intervention

We often provide services to our families for years at a time. Consequently, our client turnover is very slow. Because of our slow turnover, we do not maintain a waiting list. We can occasionally serve a new child. Our ability to serve a new child depends primarily on whether we have a supervisor in the child's area. If a parent is interested in obtaining our services, an intake packet should be completed and returned to Behavioral Dimensions. We will call if an opening occurs, and a supervisor becomes available in your area.

We are currently providing services in the 7 county metro area, Duluth, and in Stearns and Todd counties.

NOTE: If you are having trouble downloading the intake packet, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.






About Us

Behavioral Dimensions, Inc. provides services that use applied behavior analysis (ABA) for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in Minnesota.  Those services include Behavioral Consultation for individuals with developmental disabilities,   Family-Centered Behavioral Intervention, and Intensive Behavioral Intervention treatment for children with autism.  Treatments and services are delivered by a team of licensed psychologists; board certified behavior analysts, and highly-trained practitioners. Our services are available in outstate Minnesota (Duluth, St. Cloud, Alexandria), southern Minnesota and in the metro area.


The mission of Behavioral Dimensions is to produce extraordinary behavioral outcomes by building unique partnerships between our highly skilled, caring staff members and our diverse clientele, using the precise scientific application of behavior analysis.