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Insurance and Payment Options

The following coverage options are currently available:

MN Medical Assistance (MA/Tefra)

Contact your county Human Services department

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Plan specific-please check with your carrier to see if services are covered

Private Pay


Family-Centered Behavioral Intervention


Research has shown that family involvement is crucial to maximize children's skill and behavioral gains, and that families can implement behavioral programming successfully, thereby reducing problem behaviors and teaching adaptive skills. The mission of the Family-Centered Behavioral Interventions (FCBI) is to provide caregivers with the behavioral skills necessary to enhance the quality of life for their children and family.

The FCBI program is dedicated to empowering parents to manage their children's learning and behavioral challenges through a fundamental understanding of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The FCBI program focuses on parents as the targets of intervention, and measures its success by parent performance, child performance, and self-sufficiency of families in flexibly applying the principles of ABA in the unique contexts of their family to solve new challenges as their children grow. FCBI services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to the parents in their home, through weekly visits that extend from six to twelve months in duration. These services are supervised by a licensed psychologist. FCBI may occur by itself or in conjunction with Intensive Behavioral Intervention services.