Do you have enough staff to fill all of the hours my child needs?

If there is enough trained staff in your area of Minnesota, and those staff are available during the times you desire, you will have a full schedule for your child. Every effort is made to fill open shifts with all children and the hiring process is an on-going process. Although BDI staff turnover is low, there are still situations when a child will have open shifts. Ideally, the easiest shifts to fill are those during a typical work day (between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.); however, early evening and weekend shifts can be successfully filled if staff are available.



About the IBI program...

The IBI program is a specialized treatment for children with autism using applied behavior analysis (ABA).  This autism treatment is evidence-based and recommended by the Association for Science in Autism and the Surgeon General. This intensive autism service takes place entirely in the child's home. A team of staff will be assigned to each child to provide direct one-to-one instruction focused on language, social, and behavioral development. For at least 35 hours a week a Supervisor or a member of the team will work directly with the child for three hours at a time.

The success of the IBI autism treatment relies on the skillful use of positive reinforcement procedures. Staff will use things to eat, things to drink, things to watch, and things to play with, in combination with social interactions to motivate the child to produce independent language skills. The family will work with the Supervisor to identify reinforcers specifically for the program. Skills that the child had not learned in other environments will carefully be taught and reinforced before moving on to more advanced skills. Our emphasis on fun and success is obvious when watching our staff work with a child. We strive for "no tears" in our sessions and feel that working with a happy, successful, and motivated child produces learning outcomes often never seen before.

Applied behavior analysis techniques are specifically taught to all of our staff so their interactions with the child increases language and social skills while decreasing difficult or problematic behavior. Our Minnesota staff are trained to manage non-compliance, aggression, and stereotypic behavior often exhibited by children with autism. Additional clinical resources are provided by Supervisors and a Licensed Psychologist to immediately address and remediate behavioral concerns.

The first skills we teach are those that lay a foundation for learning any new skill. Learning-to-learn skills will be taught first using a high rate of reinforcement. Coming to work independently, paying attention, and choosing what reinforcer to work for are very important skills to master if the child is to master complex language. Our Language Curriculum consists of over 120 programs designed to teach the receptive and expressive language skills of a typical 5-year-old. The scope and sequence of the programs ensure that concepts are thoroughly learned with the child being successful each step of the way.

Parents can be trained to run language sessions with the child also. They receive the same training as line staff which includes using applied behavior analysis. Additionally, parents can work with the team to teach the child independent skills such as self-help or play skills or to manage problem behavior. When the parent is on the team working with the child, social skills training can be added to the child's treatment plan if deemed necessary by the Licensed Psychologist.


To inquire about services for your child, download the intake packet and fax or

e-mail it to us.